Alternator Service Near New Orleans, LA

Close up view of a vehicle's alternator

Alternator Service at Premier Nissan of Metairie

There’s nothing more frustrating than a battery that constantly dies. This can make it nearly impossible to plan your day out, as you never know when your model is going to cooperate with you or not. While a lot of drivers are quick to blame the battery itself, you might be surprised to learn that your problem can just as easily stem from your alternator. If you want to make sure that your electrical system is functioning to the best of its ability, you can have your model inspected at Premier Nissan of Metairie.

How Are the Alternator and the Battery Connected?

If either your car alternator or battery fails, you won’t have much electricity to work with. That doesn’t mean that they don’t serve two entirely different roles in your vehicle, though.

  • Your Battery: Your battery’s primary purpose is to store all the electricity that your alternator puts out. While you might switch out conventional batteries every few weeks or months, your car battery was designed with years in mind.
  • Your Alternator: Your alternator’s main role in your vehicle revolves around turning mechanical energy into electrical energy. This means that when you’re driving to your next destination, you’re slowly recharging your battery. This is why it can be such a hassle when it breaks. If your battery isn’t getting any form of electricity, you’re going to be functioning on a limited supply. It’s only a matter of time until your vehicle dies, or until you start to notice that some of your electrical systems are malfunctioning.

Simple Steps to Identify a Failing Alternator

Below, you’ll find a few of the tell-tale signs of a failing alternator.

  • Check The Indicator Light: This is by far the easiest way to know that something is wrong. If your indicator light is on, then you may want to see what’s going on.
  • Failing Electrical Systems: Your car’s electrical systems are designed with the idea that they’re going to be getting a certain amount of power from your battery. When that doesn’t happen, they could malfunction. Many times, you might find that your headlights are dimmer than usual.
  • Your Battery is Healthy: If our mechanics check your battery and it’s in great condition, then it’s probably not the part that’s giving you problems.
  • Other Strange Symptoms: Your alternator works with the help of a belt or pulley. When that belt becomes compromised, you might begin to notice a slight burning smell in the air. It could also begin to make a squealing sound.

Trustworthy Auto Service Near Slidell, LA

Some repairs are simple to handle on your own, but most mechanics aren’t going to recommend that you take a shot at your wiring. When it comes to your electrical system, there’s a lot that can go wrong, which is why you’ll want to turn to a skilled mechanic. If you live near New OrleansMetairie, or Slidell, our team at Premier Nissan of Metairie can easily diagnose your problem. This goes beyond just your alternator. If they notice issues with other parts of your system like your starter, they’ll be able to let you know.

You’re going to need a way to power your vehicle. When your alternator is failing, you can schedule a service appointment at Premier Nissan of Metairie.