A/C Service Near New Orleans, LA

Close up view of a vehicle's a/c component

A/C Service at Premier Nissan of Metairie

When the temperatures climb during the summers in KennerMetairie, and New Orleans, you want to flip on the A/C in your Nissan and feel the cool air coming from your vents. To keep your air conditioning system working the way it should, you need to have it serviced regularly by the service team at Premier Nissan of Metairie.

Performance Check for Your A/C in Metairie, LA

Maybe you’ve noticed the cold air doesn’t come out the way it used to. If your vehicle isn’t cooling as it should, you can bring it in and have our service team take a look. We’ll perform a performance check on the system to find out the issue. We’ll find the problem and get you back to enjoying the cool air once again. Common signs that your air conditioner isn’t working correctly include:

  • Warm or hot air is coming out of the vents
  • Low pressure when the air blows out
  • No air is coming out of the vents
  • You notice a strange smell from the vents

What Does an A/C Service for Your Nissan Involve?

When you bring your vehicle in for service, the technicians will start with an inspection of the A/C system. They will conduct a test of the controls and perform a charge test. If they find a leak or see that it needs to be recharged, they will provide an estimate of the work, so you can decide if you want to schedule the service.

Recharging is necessary when the refrigerant is low. The service technician may recommend that the system be flushed, removing the old refrigerant and replacing it with new. This process may improve your air conditioning performance considerably.

How Often Should I Have My Vehicle’s A/C Serviced?

How often the A/C service is scheduled depends on your make and model. You should refer to the owner’s manual for all services. It’s best to have the service team at Premier Nissan of Metairie inspect your vehicle’s A/C system at least once a year. Ideally, you can schedule this service in the spring before you need to use it.

Premier A/C Service with the Team at Premier Nissan of Metairie

If you notice anything odd about the A/C or how it’s working, you should schedule an appointment right away. You don’t want to go through a hot New Orleans summer without your cool air conditioning. Here at Premier Nissan of Metairie, we make it easy to schedule an appointment with our online service scheduler. Just pick your day and time to bring your vehicle in.

You can sit in our comfortable waiting area while we perform an inspection of your air conditioning system. Once we know if there’s something wrong, we’ll provide a written estimate with the cost of repair before we perform any work.

Don’t let the heat get to you when you can enjoy the cool air inside your Nissan car, truck, or SUV. Let Premier Nissan of Metairie help you keep your cool with our premium air conditioning service. Schedule an appointment with us today.