New 2023 Nissan ARIYA For Sale In Metairie, LA

New 2023 Nissan ARIYA For Sale In Metairie, LA

Find A 2023 Nissan ARIYA For Sale At Premier Nissan Of Metairie

Vehicles have largely remained the same for decades, but in recent years, the world has seen an influx of purely electric vehicles. With these models becoming more and more popular, Nissan has given its own contribution through both the LEAF and the ARIYA. The ARIYA offers great performance with a mix of technology that will make your drive much more enjoyable. When you want to see what it can do for you near New Orleans, Metairie, or Kenner, you’ll need to stop by Premier Nissan of Metairie.

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Top Features of the 2024 Nissan ARIYA

Hitting High Speeds

Hitting High Speeds

With a zero to sixty time of only 4.8 seconds on select trims, you’ll be able to blast past any competition on the highway. Once you step on the gas pedal, you can simply watch as everything passes you by.



Having a valet is overrated when your vehicle can simply do it for you. With ProPILOT park, your Nissan ARIYA will control everything from the steering to the brakes, allowing it to park itself for you.



Electricity is inherently cheaper than gasoline, so you’ll be saving a lot of money when you charge your vehicle. When you factor in the fact that you’ll need less overall maintenance as well, you’re bound to save with this model.

2023 Nissan ARIYA Towing, Range, and Power

With up to a staggering 304 miles of range, the Nissan ARIYA is great for those who love to stay in the city and those who love to be on the move. With the ability to charge this model from the comfort of your own home, you can wake up every day with the ability to travel vast distances. It also has all the power you need to tow up to 1,500 pounds, which is an impressive amount of weight for its size. If that wasn’t enough, you can also expect three drive modes, up to 389 horsepower, and comfortable handling.

The Convenience of an Electric Model in Louisiana

Most drivers have been stuck in a situation where they’re scrambling for time to get gas. This can be pretty inconvenient, especially if you have somewhere to be. With the ARIYA though, you can charge your model from the comfort of your own home as long as you have the right setup. This means that you’ll be able to wake up every single day with a full range, and as long as you’re staying in the city, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever have to even use a public charger. If you do happen to go on a road trip though, you’ll find that the Nissan ARIYA charges at a quick pace, so you’ll be able to get back on the road in no time at all.

A Luxurious and Comfortable Cabin

With this model, your interior is practically a lounge thanks to its vast amount of space, soft lighting, and Zero Gravity front seats. On top of this, you can expect a power-sliding center console that allows you to quickly make more room. This pairs beautifully with your dash tray, as you’ll be able to work on your laptop from the comfort of your driver’s seat when parked. You’ll also have haptic touch controls which look far better than traditional buttons, as they blend beautifully with your black dashboard. If you want to spoil yourself, you can also opt for the available features like heated and ventilated seats, a memory system, and a leather-wrapped heated steering wheel.

Advanced Tech in The ARIYA

For those who value technology, this vehicle surely packs a lot of it. Whether it’s the available Head-Up Display that can show you navigation and speed or the 12.3-inch dual displays, you’ll find a lot to work with. You can also expect other available features like a wireless charging pad and even Wi-Fi. You can also opt for the available Bose Premium Audio System, which brings ten speakers to your interior. Thanks to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite tracks with amazing sound clarity.

These features all come together to make a more fluid driving experience. Once your phone is connected to your display, you won’t have to worry about tearing through your data thanks to your cabin’s Wi-Fi. The Bose system will make sure that your music sounds great, and you’ll be able to keep your eyes on the road thanks to the Head-Up Display. When it comes to technology, the ARIYA creates the perfect environment with its available features.

The ARIYA Has Smart Safety Systems at Work

The ARIYA’s technology goes beyond your cabin, as you’ll also be equipped with Nissan Safety Shield 360. This standard suite of features provides you with systems like:

  • Blind Spot Warning: You aren’t always going to be able to see what’s around you, which is why it’s important to have Blind Spot Warning.
  • Lane Departure Warning: When you’re tired, you might start to veer out of your lane, which can result in an accident. With a quick warning though, you can recorrect.
  • High Beam Assist: When it’s dark, you aren’t going to want to blind other drivers with your brights. High Beam Assist will toggle them accordingly so that you can enjoy them without blinding anyone.
  • Rear Automatic Braking: If you’re backing up, you might miss small objects behind you. These can be hard to see with your mirror, which is why this system can tap the brakes for you. This will help you avoid any potential damage.
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert: When you’re backing out of a tight spot, you’re going to have low visibility. This feature can help you avoid accidentally getting clipped by a passing car.
  • Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection: This system can help you brake when there’s something in the road ahead. When every second matters, you’ll have a helping hand.

The Hidden Benefits of the ARIYA

There are a lot of things that stand out about the ARIYA. Its interior is refined and sophisticated, it’s incredibly powerful, and you’ll love the line-up of technology that it has to work with. While these are all great, there are a few benefits that you might not immediately see when you switch to this stunning Nissan model. For one, you won’t have nearly as many services to worry about. You don’t have an engine, which means that you won’t need to think about your next oil change, whether or not your spark plugs are in good condition and more. When you’re driving the ARIYA, you’ll just need to remember to check things like your tires and your brakes on a routine basis. This can cut down your expenses by a significant amount. Another thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that electricity is much cheaper than gasoline, so you’ll find that you’re saving money there, too.