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Installment Payment Plans Near Kenner and New Orleans, LA

Installment payment plans are available for your vehicle loan that make paying for your car or truck more affordable. Smaller weekly and biweekly installment options let you enjoy your vehicle purchase without the stress of a monthly payment. Installment plans give you the power to buy how you want and choose a better payment plan for you.

Installment payment plans are flexible and convenient. When you sign up for this service, payments are made with auto-pay, so your bill paying is hands off and hassle-free. No more late payments!

The most popular installment plan is biweekly because that’s how most people are paid. It works using simple math:

  • 1. Standard loans require one payment every month
  • 2. Biweekly installment plans divide this payment in half and debit that amount every two weeks.
  • 3. Because there are 52 weeks in a year, you make 26 biweekly installments over the course of the year or the equivalent of 13 monthly payments. The extra payments are applied to principal.

Installment plans will help you increase the equity in your vehicle. Because you will make extra or bonus payments to principal, your loan balance decreases faster and you owe less money to the bank. If you have negative equity, this is a solution to help you get you right side up in your car loan. Down the road, this means you have more purchasing power or you can refinance your vehicle sooner.

Premier partners with AutoPayPlus by US Equity Advantage to safely and securely manage your installment payments and ensure your payments are always made on time to the lender.

Installment Plan Benefits

  • Convenient automatic withdrawals
  • Smaller withdrawals are easier to budget and can match how you’re paid
  • Payment Guarantee
  • Shorten the term of your loan
  • Build equity in your vehicle faster
  • Potentially reduce interest charges*
  • Free Credit Services – credit monitoring to protect against identity theft, monthly credit score, quarterly credit snapshots, and full credit reports twice a year
  • Free vehicle monitoring services – vehicle valuation from Kelley Blue Book®, vehicle recall and maintenance alerts powered by Edmunds®


“I love that I don’t have to pay the whole payment at one time.” -Ellen McGee

“Your service has simplified the process of paying my new car off. Thank you for your assistance!” – Judith Brown

“Glad to have AutoPayPlus to take care of my payments and pay off earlier. Thank you!” -Janet Davidson

“They helped me pay off my loans six months early, and that helped out with my credit score big time.” – Obrero DeJesus

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is AutoPayPlus?

As the owner and operator of AutoPayPlus™, US Equity Advantage has helped hundreds of thousands of customers reach their financial objectives faster. USEA is not a lender. It is an independent party that facilitates payments to your lender. Since 2003, AutoPayPlus has been dedicated to helping people reduce debt and save for the future. To date, more than $2 billion has been transmitted by our customers safely and securely — and collectively, these folks have saved millions. US Equity Advantage is an A+ rated company by the Better Business Bureau.

Are installment plans available on all cars?

Installment plans are available for any vehicle purchase or lease and works with any lender.

How do auto-payments work?

You will work with a Premier Finance Manager to sign up for an installment plan. At that time, you can choose your payment option and the bank account you will be making the payments from. AutoPayPlus will verify your account and then automatically debit your account for the agreed upon amount. You can select any day, Monday through Friday, to coincide with how you are paid.


*A reduction in interest charges and loan term occurs through the design of the installment plan. These benefits are affected by any changes you may make to the scheduled payments as well as the enrollment fee and ACH/convenience fees.

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